Visit from Mike Jones of Noah Ministries

This week, the Men’s Prayer Group was blessed to have Mike Jones, Missionary to Zambia, come and provide our lesson. Mike gave us timely and straightforward Biblical instruction on how Satan wars against Christians. Mike emphasized his observations of how Christians in the United States have been deceived into compromising the faith and Biblical authority to the extent of calling evil good and good evil. He also shared stories of healings and God’s miraculous work in Zambia.

To learn more about Noah Ministries and Mike’s work, follow this link: Noah Ministries.

New Message and Prayer Request

Message from George Burr–
To:  All Who Come
Thank you for the PRESENCE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.  Our God reigns as we are in one accord and one mind.  May HE be with you as you go about your day.  I sense we are in a reward mode at this time with our God to those who are faithful.
Let’s remember his word to us men in these last days.  Rev 2:25,26–Hold fast till I come.  And he who overcomes, and keeps My works until the end, to him I will give power over the nations.
Prayer request from Steve Sawyer–
A newborn in the family of Jesse Williams must have heart surgery immediately after being born.  Please keep child, doctors, and family in your prayers.