MPG Principles of Prayer

As Christians, We Are Commanded to Pray

  • All prayer is good
  • We learn to be better prayers by asking the Holy Spirit to fill us and guide us in better understanding of God’s Word—let go and let God
  • God’s Word is the greatest “prayer book” ever written

Pray Now

  • Instead of I will, pray right now—ask, may I pray for you now?
  • Pray immediately (email, phone, conversation, other)
  • Pray when the need for prayer is first realized

Be in Constant State of Prayer

  • Ongoing—silently, aloud, alone, with others, in song, eyes open or closed
  • Hands raised—powerful  (read about Jesus, Moses, and others) 

Pray in Conversation

  • Open with prayer to direct your thought and hearts to the Lord
  • Share praise and petitions in conversation as continuing prayer
  • Close with prayer expecting fulfillment and with thanksgiving

Wait Upon God

  • Get still—get quiet (“Be still and know . . .”)
  • Meditate
  • Quiet prayer
  • Listen—stop talking or thinking about what you will say
  • Connect with God—Jesus is our intercessor with the Father—the Holy Spirit is our helper

Pray for Others

  • Greatest gift you can give anyone is to pray for them
  • Intercessory prayer = “holy” prayer – “royal” prayer
  • When you pray in Jesus’ name, you become a prayer partner with Christ for others
  • Christ is our intercessor with the Father

Pray Scripture

  • Nothing is more powerful than praying God’s Word back to Him
  • God is pleased that we know His Word and how to apply it
  • The Bible is full of promises for us to pray—whatever you pray in my name
  • Pray God’s promises for our children or others—insert name(s)

Pray With Others

  • “When two or more are gathered in my name” He is there—Mat 18:20
  • “Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other”—James 5:16

Believe and Receive

  • Jesus tells us “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”  Mat 21:22

Establish a Prayer Structure—Get Organized!

  • Special time, place, content, plan . . .
  • Keep a record—prayer journal (record God’s answers to prayer)
  • Use resources (Bible, books, daily readers, church bulletins, newsletters, church directories, MPG email list, other)

In All Things Give Praise and Thanks to God!!

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