Prayer for Our Community in Need

Church of the Redeemer Evangelist Rachael Surface has initiated a time of prayer and a prayer walk for our community that is suffering from severe drug abuse that has led to at least two deaths and a dozen overdoses in the past week. See her announcements below and plan to pray for our community and especially the generation of young adults.

From Rachael:
Every evening this week, starting at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, June 10, I will be standing at Mariner’s Wharf (where the Saturday Market is) for a time of prayer for the people in our community fighting addiction. On Water St., across from Page After Page Bookstore. At 6:15 I will walk up Main St., praying with whomever will join me, for those fighting addiction. This is not an attempt to make me “feel better”; this is a plea to God to reach those people in our community who need to know that they are valuable and necessary and important. We cannot be with those who are in the hospital or in jail suffering withdrawal, but God can. Please spread the word, and march with me.

As a wife of a local paramedic who is coping with the sadness of this outbreak of drug overdoses, and as a mother of a child who has survived two drug overdoses, is anyone interested in joining me in a prayer march through Elizabeth City this week? I have seen Jesus acting to save my child, and I believe with all my heart that God hears our prayers, and will act on the behalf of His children in our community struggling with hopelessness and addiction. I have to do this. Will anyone join me?

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