AND STILL HE COMES…On the Occasion of the 12th Anniversary of the Elizabeth City Men’s Prayer Group

Perhaps you’ve read, or even thought about, alternate history… you know… What might have happened if the Atomic Bomb didn’t work? OR What if Kennedy had not been assassinated? OR What might things be like if the telephone had never been invented? This type of thinking is called UCHRONIA; fiction that proposes things that might have happened differently.

Roger Caillois wrote a novel, Pontius Pilate … in the following was proposed:

“On this particular occasion Pilate’s day began with the usual meetings, he was experiencing his typical moodiness, there were reflections on a restless night and bad dreams… and there was all the stress accompanying all these people, all these Jews, crowding his city… potentially problems and disorder threatened. And all things there was this obscure, determined, Galilean the priests were demanding be put to death. Pilate goes out to the priests and the crowd and holding his arms spread he announces: ‘I don’t see it. I see nothing wrong… let this man have his freedom!’ he declares… and Jesus goes home, he keeps preaching, he dies an old man widely praised for his wisdom; and a generation later he is all but forgotten… Christianity never emerges.”

Brothers, with faith and confidence we know the real story. We can choose to live in the reality of the promises of a risen Christ, promises of a divine life. We realize our destiny guided by the Holy Spirit within each of us. No doubt, our lives have been ones all too often focused on our own desires, subverting our lives from stepping into the destiny Jesus made for us. But we “AWAKE,” we turn, we return and return and return to learning to work with Him on what He wants to get done in our lives and the world around us. We grow in our confidence in Him.

There is no place He will not go with us or be with us. There is no space where Christ whispers to us, “…I can’t go there with you.” Brothers, this awareness is the source of our joyous Christian confidence… this is what we model when we become a more loving person. You see, this is TELOS; unselfish sacrificial love, love for the other person. This is Jesus in our lives…

• When Jesus was but a child they tried to find and kill Him… And still He comes!
• When crowds threatened Him and His own family tried to stop Him… And still He comes!
• When He was crucified, dead, and buried with a large stone rolled against the guarded tomb… And still He comes!
• When for 2,000 years the world fails to hold Him down, eliminate Him, silence Him…And still He comes

And you trust Him, you love HIM!!

Let’s put this another way… let’s put this in the Christian context of our membership in the Men’s Prayer Group and our life’s journey:

• When you have a bad day, a bad week, a bad month, a bad year… And still you come!
• When you lose a job, a career, your financial foundation, your home… And still you come!
• When you lose a child, a spouse, a relative, a friend… And still you come!
• When you really have to carry your cross, lose your health, your heart breaks, and all seems lost… And still you come!

Brothers, the Pilate story you just heard… the wrong story… unfortunately, that’s the story for the majority of people on this Earth… their lives are untouched by Jesus Christ… their lives are untouched by good Christians like us. So this Easter week we realize the sacrificial love of our Lord. God’s only Son is about to raise you up, the sting of death will be removed, and Jesus will live within YOU… and those lost souls require our attention, our love, our own kind of TELOS… And still we come!

Shared by: George C. Stonikinis, Jr.

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